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Additional Treatment Modalities


Our credentialed, trained and certified specialists work to restore and optimize visual function, sensory integration and wellness. In addition to our optometrists and occupational therapists, our staff includes whole-body therapeutic practitioners who direct patients in healthful complementary therapies that support healing including:

Integrated Listening Systems (ILS)

Based on the model of neuroplasticity, ILS is a multisensory intervention that integrates the visual, vestibular and auditory systems. Structurally, these three systems are wired together and fire together. In ILS, a patient receives changes in auditory input while doing visually directed tasks to help develop new neuro pathways. In addition, a bone conductor on the headset stimulates the vestibular (movement) and proprioceptive (where is my body space) systems.  It can be customized to each patient’s specific challenges: focus/attention, coordination, auditory processing, organization, reading proficiency and communication.

Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT)

IMT corrects the structural integrity of the body using gentle non-invasive techniques. Our IMT practitioners use specific techniques to restore the vitality and function of the circulatory, lymphatic, nervous and other systems to support visual and sensory function during everyday activities.

Restorative Yoga / Yoga for Rehabilitation

Yoga for rehabilitation teaches calming strategies to help support the body when it gets overwhelmed by sensory input or sympathetic/parasympathetic imbalance. Yoga gives our patients the opportunity to practice presence, mindfulness and intention within each moment, while encouraging the body to return to its natural state in breath and alignment.

Safe and Sound by ILS

The Safe and Sound program by ILS utilizes an auditory stimulus to support a parasympathetic (calming) balance in the autonomic nervous system. The Safe and Sound program exercises the auditory neural pathways associated with regulating behavioral state and social engagement needed for daily function.

Syntonics: (Prescription Colored Light Therapy)

Syntonics uses prescription colored light therapy to rebalance the sympathetic and parasympathetic autonomic nervous system. Our eyes function differently when the body in locked in sympathetic (fight or flight) or parasympathetic (rest and digest) mode. Changes to the autonomic nervous system change how the visual system functions. Syntonics opens up functional visual fields, integrating central and peripheral fields, improving visual processing and reducing symptoms of dizziness, imbalance and compromised visual function.

Additional Rehabilitation Methods

We also offer Vestibular Therapy, Metronome Therapy, Astronaut Therapy, and Movement Therapy.

To ensure collaborative care, our integrated team of professionals is happy to consult with providers outside our office.

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