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Adult Eye Care


Adult Eye Exams

At our West Hartford office, you’ll receive personalized care and a thorough eye exam from our highly-trained optometrists and technicians. Using the most advanced instruments, technology and treatments, we will:

  • Assess your vision
  • Evaluate the overall health of your eyes
  • Assess any systemic health concerns
  • Accurately diagnosis visual disorders
  • Develop a treatment plan together

Regular preventative care is essential to the health of your eyes. Though your vision may remain stable over the years, structures within your eye can change. Monitoring changes in your cornea, retina, and optic nerve will ensure early diagnosis of potential eye or vision problems.

Thorough eye exams can also detect medical conditions before they advance. Many systemic health conditions have no overt signs or symptoms. As optometrists, we can be the first to diagnose serious medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes and autoimmune disorders because first signs of those conditions may appear in your eyes.

Medical and Emergency Eye Care

We provide complete medical exams for eye disorders and the visual aspects of whole-body medical conditions including diabetes, stroke and inflammatory disorders. Using the latest technology, we assess chronic and acute eye, corneal and retinal conditions including glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. We also evaluate and treat trauma-related injuries and emergencies, such as removing foreign bodies from the eye.

Further Assessments

Vision Therapy Assessment and Treatment
Good vision requires that your eyesight, visual pathways, and brain work well together.  If they don’t, you may experience difficulty with comprehension, attention or dizziness, even though your eyesight is 20/20. Adult patients can have lasting effects from an underdeveloped visual system or a visual system that has been compromised from an acute event like a concussion or stroke.

Occupational Therapy Assessment and Treatment
An underdeveloped or acutely compromised sensory system impacts how your body receives, integrates and processes sensory information.  Adult patients may experience sensitivity to noise and sound, feeling of discomfort in large active settings like a shopping mall, distractions at work from background noise or flickering lights and/or sensitivity to movement.

For patients who may have an issues with their visual or sensory systems, we can conduct in-depth testing to diagnose the problem, and provide treatment at our Farmington Multispecialty Center.