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Farmington Multispecialty Center


Vision and Sensory Care for Children and Adults

Pediatric Eye Care
(Annual Exams, Medical and Emergency Eye Care)

Adult and Pediatric Rehabilitation (Evaluation and Therapies)

Our spacious, accessible Farmington Multispecialty Center is a unique, state of the art space where our comprehensive team of optometrists, vision therapists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists work together under one roof. We understand the complex interrelationships of systems within the human body and take a whole-body, comprehensive approach to patient care. We work with outside specialists as needed to ensure that patients receive thorough, collaborative treatment.

The Multispecialty Center houses our pediatric practice where we assess children’s eye health and their ability to process visual input. It’s also where we perform assessments that evaluate visual and sensory challenges in children and adults. Finally, this center is home to our pediatric and adult rehabilitation treatments designed to improve, restore and optimize visual and sensory function.