Maximizing Visual System Can Benefit Sports Performance

In case you missed Dr. Lambright Featured on Patch.

The start of the school year is accompanied by the kick-off to sports season. Whether its travel soccer, field hockey or football, beyond athletic ability, an important key to success in sports is maximizing one’s visual system beyond just seeing clearly. Your visual system is composed of many interrelated skills that can affect how well you perform.

“Just as exercise and practice improves your speed and strength, it can also improve your visual fitness and accuracy,” says Dr. Melissa Lambright, Doctor of Optometry and Founder of SIGHT in West Hartford.

There are several Visual Systems that can be treated successfully with Sports Enhancement therapy:

  • Visual Function (eye movement, eye focusing and eye teaming)
  • Visual Motor Integration (the eyes directing the body)
  • Visual Perception (processing visual information)
  • Visual Imagery (visualizing your next move)

“Things like visual concentration, eye-tracking, eye-hand-body coordination, visual memory, peripheral vision, visual reaction time and depth perception are interrelated skills that can mean the difference between victory and defeat,” says Dr. Lambright.

Because all sports have different visual demands, SIGHT’s Vision Therapy [SIGHTvt] professionals are specifically trained to work with an athlete based on his/her unique visual system to maximize skills for his/her specific sport. The goal is to maximize interrelated skills within the visual system to reach peak performance.

SIGHTvt is the only office in the area that evaluates and treats functional, perceptual and motor based visual skills. SIGHTvt is located at 10 North Main St. Suite 312 in West Hartford. The office can be reached at 860.231.8482 or