Our vision. Focused on yours.

Enjoy the very best in eye care technology, eyewear collections and personal attention at SIGHT, located in the heart of West Hartford Center—but far from the typical patient care and optical selections.

Your experience begins with individualized care that helps us thoroughly understand your eyes, health and personal style. Dr. Melissa Lambright and our staff use advanced, cutting-edge technology to assess your eyes’ medical health. Then we pair that with a holistic 360º approach focused on overall wellness and preventative, proactive care.

Once we know your eyes, we ensure they’re framed perfectly with our exclusive selection of distinctive eyewear from around the world. We take time to help you choose from the highest quality, style-setting collections with the most digitally advanced custom lenses for your lifestyle—because we believe details make the difference.

SIGHT’s focus on your health and style will help you see your best—and look even better.


Below are answers to some of the most common questions about our services. If you have a question that isn’t answered, we’d love to hear from you. Please call us at (860) 231.8491 so that a member of our staff can provide a personalized response.

Does Dr. Lambright accept new patients? 
Yes, Dr. Lambright is currently accepting new patients to the practice. 

What treatments does Dr. Lambright specialize in? 
Dr. Lambright uses the latest techniques and therapies to administer your wellness eye examinations. She provides specialized treatment for such conditions as visual functioning, visual processing, amblyopia, strabismus, dry eye, glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. Dr. Lambright treats children, and SIGHT is also the only local practice to offer vision therapy —a type of physical therapy for the eyes and brain that is a non-surgical solution for many common visual problems. As a behavioral optometrist, she is trained in evaluating eye teaming, eye tracking, fixation, focusing and visual processing. 

Is there a cancellation policy? 
Yes, there is a $25.00 cancellation fee that will be processed for appointments not canceled within 24 hours.

What forms of payment do you accept in the office? 
We accept cash, check, credit cards (American Express, VISA, MasterCard, Discover) and FSA cards.

Do you need an appointment to shop for eyewear? 
SIGHTspecs is an eyewear boutique that you can visit anytime. The hours are the same as those for the office.

What if I have an emergency and need to see Dr. Lambright right away? 
Your health is our top priority. We accommodate same-day emergency patients.  

What is involved in a new patient consultation? 
Our patients have access to the very best in equipment and care, and you will feel welcomed the moment you walk through the door. Your intake form will provide us information on your health, lifestyle and visual performance.

Our experienced technician will take you through a series of tests starting with our OPD Machine. This will provide us with a custom wavefront analysis of your cornea for prescription accuracy and screening for corneal disease. Next, our GDX screener will look at the thickness of your optic nerve tissue and can detect glaucoma 6–10 years earlier than traditional methods. We also use the Optomap Daytona, which gives us a 200-degree, 3-D wrap of the back of your eyes. We are able to detect 40% more retinal conditions than traditional dilation. The Optomap provides us with an autoflourescence of the retina that looks at the function of the photoreceptors and structural images, and can break down the retinal layers. This allows for better detection of conditions of the choroid and evaluation of the sensory retina. Your intraocular pressure will then be assessed with our Tono-Pen, which does not require drops or puffs of air into your eyes, and provides you with the most comfortable patient experience.

Dr. Lambright will review your history and personal needs, followed by an in-depth review, education and then recommendations based on the results obtained during pre-testing. Utilizing our TRS-5100 Macro Automated Refracting System TRS-5100, she will take you through a series of tests that not only guarantee the best vision in each eye, but will also confirm that the eyes are balanced and functioning as a team. You will then receive eye drops that allow Dr. Lambright to look at the layers beyond your pupil (in the back of your eye). With your eyes dilated, Dr. Lambright will evaluate your ocular health, educate you on any conditions that present, review your visit and answer any questions you may have. At the end of the visit, we will schedule any follow-up care or specialty testing. If everything is healthy, we will schedule you for your next wellness examination, as we believe prevention is the best form of medicine. For more information, please visit our Patients page.

How long does a new patient consultation last? 
We believe in taking time to provide patients with the best technology, assessments, patient education and personalized recommendations, so we ask that patients reserve 1.5 hours for their initial visit.  

Why does Dr. Lambright require a complete wellness examination if I already know that I just need new glasses/contact lenses? 
While your glasses and contact lens prescriptions are an important part of an eye examination, they only address your acuity and not your ocular health. Most ocular and systemic diseases go undetected until the late stages because patients do not have symptoms. We believe that maintaining great ocular and systemic health helps you preserve great visual acuity for life.