Q&A with Dr. Melissa Lambright about SIGHT’s Visionary Event

Why did you decide to do this event?

It really started with our core values here at SIGHT, and how strongly we believe in being visionaries in our field.  As the eye health practice, we always strive to transcend convention and go above and beyond for our patients.  Whether that means making it a priority to use cutting-edge technology and techniques when performing eye examinations with specialized treatments.  Or offering select eyewear lines that are exclusive to our shop (locally) from designers that set the trends lead the way in innovative ideas— we have this clear vision for what we want SIGHT to be,  and we are on a continuous quest to provide our patients with unique access to the best of everything.

Since we so cherish this kind of forward thinking, and having that clear vision of what the future should be-as well as how to get there-we wanted to honor those local leaders who share this kind of foresight.

And of course we also cherish giving back to our local community, and this was the other component that we wanted to celebrate.

How did you select the Visionaries?

We had an internal committee that identified local ‘change agents’  who possess that clear vision of the future, but also a clear sense of how to get there,  I am in awe of this group  of leading innovators who not only possess tremendous foresight; but also live their values and have a great generosity of spirit.  It is absolutely our honor to celebrate their amazing accomplishments.  Some of this outstanding group lead important non-profits, and some are absolute business powerhouses.  But they are all creative and have powerful imagination  and dreams.

What did the celebration entail?

This really was a party in their honor where we wanted them to enjoy themselves and relish their accolades. We were also excited for all of these stellar leaders-and their wonderful guests-to be together in one room and meet each other.  We can only imagine the fascinating new ideas that sparked.