Processing Exams


Sensorimotor Examination
A Sensorimotor examination is an evaluation of how your visual system functions. Dr. Lambright will specifically evaluate eye tracking, eye teaming, eye focusing, and binocularity and visual-motor integration. This exam allows us to diagnose and develop a treatment plan that helps improve function. Treatment can improve performance in work, school, sports or driving. Treatment may include specialty glasses and vision therapy. 

Visual Perception Examination 
A visual perception examination evaluates how you process visual information. It specifically looks at tracking, left-right reversal (dyslexia), visual discrimination, form constancy, visual memory, visualization, visual motor integration (eye-hand), spatial relationships, figure ground, closure, auditory integration and body awareness. If your child’s grades do not match his or her ability, he or she is below reading level, dyslexic, struggles in sports, is clumsy or forgetful, then your child would benefit from a visual perception examination. This exam allows us to diagnosis and develop a customized treatment plan that helps patients enjoy life. Treatment can improve performance in school, work, sports, comprehension and memory.