Custom Lenses


Custom Lenses:

Custom-design your own prescription eyeglass lenses to fit your lifestyle. Available in single vision and progressive designs, our personalized measurements create custom lenses that are designed for maximum visual comfort and performance when using high-tech devices in your active, modern life. Our measurements go well beyond the traditional to ensure a unique lens perfectly adapted to you. Traditional lens designs and measurements leave you with peripheral distortion and a decrease in overall clarity. Custom lenses give you clearer, sharper vision across the entire lens, and provide more vivid color features and details.

Traditional measurements:
•    Far Pupillary Distance
•    Segment Height

Our measurements for custom lenses:
•    Far Pupillary Distance
•    Segment Height (progressives)
•    Optical Center Height (single vision)
•    Height
•    Dominant Hand
•    Frame Wrap
•    Panascopic Tilt
•    Vertex Distance
•    Near distance between your pupils
•    Reading Distance

Anti-Reflective Treatment

Normal lenses create glare, reflections and “ghost images.” These issues can be resolved with an anti-reflective treatment, which increases light transmission to 99.5 percent. With normal glasses, much of the light reflects off the lenses and produces glare and reduces the wearer’s visual clarity. We believe that anti-reflective treatment is a necessity for maximal visual performance and especially useful for those viewing computer screens and driving at night.

Lens Materials

Once we customize your lens design, our eye-opening expertise will help you navigate through the world of lens materials. We will recommend materials based on your prescription, lifestyle and frame selections.

Polycarbonate is very strong and very light, and more resistant to scratches and impact. Most sports lenses are made of polycarbonate.

Similar to polycarbonate, it is very strong and light, and more resistant to scratches and impact. Trivex provides sharper vision than polycarbonate lenses.  Most drill mounts and specialty grooves are made of Trivex.

High-index lenses are the thinnest lenses available and provide the sharpest vision of all lens materials. A custom lens design in a high-index material will let you look your best and see even better.

Progressive Lenses

No-line lenses or progressive lenses provide a smooth transition at all distances from far to up close because they do not have a distinct line that separates the focusing powers. Instead, a gradual change in power allows the wearer to focus on objects at all distances. Distant objects are viewed through the upper portion of the lens, computer and mid-range tasks are located through the middle of the lens, while near objects are viewed through the lower portion of the lens. Custom progressive lenses provide maximum visual comfort and performance when using high-tech devices in your active, modern life. Our personalized measurements go well beyond traditional measurements to ensure a unique lens perfectly adapted to you. Traditional progressive lens designs and measurements leave you with less usable lens space, difficult transitions when looking at objects at different distances and a decrease in overall clarity. Custom progressive lenses give you clearer, sharper vision across the entire lens, a smoother transition as you change focus at different distances, and provide more vivid color features and details.

Computer Progressive Lens

No-line progressive lenses specially designed for computer work, computer progressive lenses are designed to provide maximum performance, efficiency and comfort when working on electronic devices. No-line computer lenses allow you to smoothly transition between desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone and reading material. The lenses are designed to reduce Computer Vision Syndrome, or CVS, which is characterized by headaches, eye strain, neck and back aches, dry eyes, blurred vision, and double vision. In a computer lens you will not have to tilt your head up to get maximum clarity on your computer.


Photochromic lenses darken when exposed to UV rays to provide you with the convenience and comfort when transitioning from the indoors to the outside. Photochromic molecules that are found throughout the lens cause the change. There are a variety of photochromic options available that can be customized, i.e., polarized to reduce excess glare, darkening only in direct sunlight, darkening in little or no direct light, or while in the car to reduce road glare. You can even choose the color of the tint.

Polarized Lenses

To eliminate glare from wet roads, light reflecting off other vehicles and glare from your windshield, we recommend polarized lenses for the clearest vision through sunglasses. Polarized lenses are the most effective for eliminating almost all glare, reducing eyestrain and increasing visibility. Because most glare comes from horizontal surfaces, the light is “horizontally polarized.” Polarized lenses feature vertically oriented “polarizers” that block the horizontally polarized light. Polarized lenses are ideal for any outdoor enthusiast (fisherman can see more clearly into the water, golfers can see the green easier, and joggers and bikers can enjoy reduced glare from the road). In addition, drivers can enjoy the safety and comfort that polarized lenses provide.

Sport Lenses

The key to sports lenses is protection and precision.

Sports lenses protect the wearer’s eyes. With ball speeds of 90 mph or more in tennis, baseball, softball and racquetball, or elbow/finger jabs in basketball, it is important to protect eyes from corneal abrasions, fractured bones, retinal detachments or even blindness.Protective eyewear should fit well, feature a padded bridge and deep-grooved eye wires to prevent the lens from falling out.

It is important to optimize your vision and performance by selecting the right lens for your activity. Polarized lenses with UVA and UVB protection are great for baseball and other outdoor sports. Golfers can benefit from gray-brown tinted lenses, which make it easier to outline the course. Cyclists can benefit from yellow lenses when riding at dawn or dusk to increase visibility while offering protection from wind and debris. Even if you don’t normally wear glasses, non-prescription sports lenses can benefit your performance and provide much-needed protection for one of your most valuable assets. Some people think that lenses prevent the wearer from seeing the action, but many sports lenses have anti-fog and glare reduction.


Sunglasses are the easiest and most effective way of protecting your eyes from the damage caused by UV light. When purchasing sunglasses, the most important feature is both UVA and UVB protection. While a tint decreases visible light into your eyes, it does not protect your eye from damaging UV rays. Another vital component when purchasing sunglasses is to choose a frame that provides the best fit and coverage. Our team of experts will educate you on the best forms of protection from the sun and introduce you to the latest design trends.

Polarized lenses provide you with the sharpest vision in sunglasses by blocking light reflected from surfaces like a flat road or smooth water. If you’re involved in activities like water sports, skiing, golfing, biking, fishing and even driving, polarized lenses can be very helpful in reducing glare and giving a clearer view.

​It is important to protect your children’s eyes as well. Children under the age of 20 are the most susceptible to the damaging effects of UV light. We have a variety of children’s eyewear that offers the ultimate in protection as well as fashion.